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Membership is now open for the 2019 season. Remember you can use the Active Kids voucher to save $100 per child at registration...

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There’s a tremendous team behind every team and every game of rugby.  Whether it’s the coaches or those much respected referees, from minis...

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Rugby is about taking part, having fun and keeping active. No matter if you’re a newbie or want to get back into the...

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Rugby really is a game for all shapes and sizes and all kinds of player. There’s a position for everyone in a team.

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Team Stuff at WJRU

During the 2017 season we tested the use of the Teamstuff App to ensure that our Club and Team information was sent out. So for the 2018 season we will be using this across the entire club. To see how it works click below.

Because great teams talk - a lot.

Communicating with your team is easy and fast when you’re connected with Teamstuff. Not only can the whole team view and manage availabilityduties and more right there in-app – anytime and anywhere – but managers can communicate last-minute changes instantly with in-app messages and everyone can tailor how they receive their team communications.

One Team Email

Teamstuff also gives you one smart email address for your whole team that syncs with your team list so it's always up to date - no more email list nightmares! Nifty, huh?


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Come and join our Club. Experience a game in Union and get to know new people!

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